Saturday, January 24, 2009

Version>09 planning blog

We have a new blog for version>09 Immodest Proposals is the location

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Juxtapoz pimps The Upset Dark matter participants

Art-goers at the Co-Prosperity Sphere space buzzed around the work of over 30 artists at the Dark Matter opening April 18th—part of Version>08 Fest in Chicago—where one of the centerpieces was a graffiti wall installation by The Upset, a group of graffiti artists and photographers from Chicago and New York.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Last nite of Version

On Saturday April 26 we were at NEXT. NEXT Art fair rocked. we loved seeing all of our buddies' work and discovering some refreshing and titilating stuff. here are some pics.

the Dutch guys were basically the Version staff this year. they even manned our PRoximity booths. This guy jeroen prolly drank a case a Grolsch beer every day and you would never know...

Goffo kicked ass.

Rachael of Version and CPS

the elevators were always packed...

After NEXt we had our closing paty for version>08 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. We had about 1500 people come through the show over the course of one week. The final nite was crazy.

This guy Neville basically ruled the show. he made the bikes and the kissing robots in the window.

It was packed again/.

party steve with the Bike for looking at art by Neville

Neville's other bike

Brilliant Monika getting ready for the show.

Chris Hammes mound of road kill

.. a dude who loves tim and eric posted some pics from NEXT and the Dark Matter group show at C-PS here

We want to thank all of you for joining us for this year's Version. It was a very tight and out of control affair. see you next year.

Field of Dreams and Anarchist Wedding

Field of Dreams:
Last day of Version.
We went to the Plaines Project Field of Dreams after going to NEXt art fair to pick up the Proximity Magazine and the ceremony for the Malooly wedding. WE booked over to the FOD but no one was there! Well, we were late. We scanned the huge lot and saw some great sculptures and projects.

While there Rachael installed of one of her space tree tops.

Sweet planter


Awesome job mathew!

Even better. The whole lot was cleaned up and trash was brought to this zone.
These guys are gonna do this weekly!

We got back just in time for grub. Here's the lucky Groom!
Good Luck you guys!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bridgeport Space Walk

We knew that with five participating spaces that many of us not going to make the whole journey on schedule. But that was ok. We started off at Mutherland and joined Vicki Fowler in progress with her performance and installation. The Mutherland Space is gonna be busy this summer.

Afterwards we went back to the C-PS where hours earlier the unlucky dutch guys and the version staff humped hundreds of sheets of OSB and lumber (NFO XPO booths) into our basement. Minutes after they chucked the last piece of wood down the stairs Musket began to confound our ears. They seriously kick ass. we thought we were on time but we forgot that we had to finish the Grolsch.

At this point we figured we were in trouble. We meandered over to Bernice's to catch Cathy of Gynoslayer in her mesmerizing set. Cathy waited for the Villagers and Version staff to make it over to hear her debut.

We tried to get everyone to join us for a short and beautiful set over at 32nd and Urban by Via Tania, but everyone was drinking at Bernice's.. they missed out. Bridgette Buckley curated the great group show and the space looked awesome.

Finally we made it over to Kaplan's and ended our traditional Version pub crawl turned space crawl in style with Mystery DJ Matt Malooly at the Ipod. At every stop of the crawl we noticed a surprising number of people in attendance. Perhaps the port is becoming the Community of the Future after all.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kelly Noah's and other Flickr photos

Ms Noah always takes the best photos of our events especially Version time.
Here is a recent batch at a flickr site:

Mr Fotoflow Oscar Arriola has blogged some pics too!

DROO has rocked out his own Dark Matter Set! Thanks DROO!

Demise of Sampson's Space 1026 documentation.
And the list is going on... here are some from bound.

NXO XPO pics

the NFO XPO was steady and busy all day saturday . the world premier of the mulinauts was packed! wafaa bilal, greg sholette and jack bratitch had packed rooms for their talks. they
gave great presentations. After a korean plish bar-bq break some films and live music prevailed to make this our best ever NFO XPO program.
The promised tofurkey kilbaasa was sorely missed.
Take a look at some of the booths and projects: