Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bridgeport Space Walk

We knew that with five participating spaces that many of us not going to make the whole journey on schedule. But that was ok. We started off at Mutherland and joined Vicki Fowler in progress with her performance and installation. The Mutherland Space is gonna be busy this summer.

Afterwards we went back to the C-PS where hours earlier the unlucky dutch guys and the version staff humped hundreds of sheets of OSB and lumber (NFO XPO booths) into our basement. Minutes after they chucked the last piece of wood down the stairs Musket began to confound our ears. They seriously kick ass. we thought we were on time but we forgot that we had to finish the Grolsch.

At this point we figured we were in trouble. We meandered over to Bernice's to catch Cathy of Gynoslayer in her mesmerizing set. Cathy waited for the Villagers and Version staff to make it over to hear her debut.

We tried to get everyone to join us for a short and beautiful set over at 32nd and Urban by Via Tania, but everyone was drinking at Bernice's.. they missed out. Bridgette Buckley curated the great group show and the space looked awesome.

Finally we made it over to Kaplan's and ended our traditional Version pub crawl turned space crawl in style with Mystery DJ Matt Malooly at the Ipod. At every stop of the crawl we noticed a surprising number of people in attendance. Perhaps the port is becoming the Community of the Future after all.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kelly Noah's and other Flickr photos

Ms Noah always takes the best photos of our events especially Version time.
Here is a recent batch at a flickr site:

Mr Fotoflow Oscar Arriola has blogged some pics too!

DROO has rocked out his own Dark Matter Set! Thanks DROO!

Demise of Sampson's Space 1026 documentation.
And the list is going on... here are some from bound.

NXO XPO pics

the NFO XPO was steady and busy all day saturday . the world premier of the mulinauts was packed! wafaa bilal, greg sholette and jack bratitch had packed rooms for their talks. they
gave great presentations. After a korean plish bar-bq break some films and live music prevailed to make this our best ever NFO XPO program.
The promised tofurkey kilbaasa was sorely missed.
Take a look at some of the booths and projects:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

1026 Show

The opening of Version with the Space 106 show rocked.
here are some pics!
You will not be able to see it again. it closes today and parts of it are moving to the NFO XO this Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

proximity magazine was delivered!

We are super excited that our new art magazine is now in our hands.
It will be at NEXT throughout April 24 to April 28.
The launch party is Friday April 25 at Sonotheque.
1444 W Chicago Ave.
More info at the version website.

A few nites of work

We are currently setting up three seperate amazing shows this week.
The Philly kids are at Country Club rocking out the space. and it's opening today! don't miss the show! for some reason CC have not posted our shit on their site..

Meanwhile in Bridgeport we are setting up the Dark Matter Group Show which opens this Friday April 18. here are some work in progress pics.. Prepare to have minds blown again.

sarah figuring out the "8" in version>08

Rachael placing the Last can on the Beeramid

Ray Noland dropped by a few hours after he drove in from the East Coast and justed kicked out a "Go Tell Mama" installation like it was no one's business. The dude is seriously efficient.

In the meantime Michael Genovese is building a crazy ass elotes cart in the basement findind shit in every nook and cranny of the Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Oscar and his crew are putting on the finishing touches and basicall just own this place.

Aron and gymkata the drill are working hard.

Oh but sometime earlier that day...

Riley Christine and JJ arrived early this morning from Telefantasy Studios in LA. I remember seeing them for a few moments but they took the red eye and are all freaky and tired i think..
That afternoon we then picked up the kick ass Dutch guys. they are some pretty amazing artists and Niels is some bad ass in the Dutch art blog world.... (no pictures of them yet but they are blogging here... in Dutch!)


yesterday... was it yesterday? we were at the Viaduct getting booths set up for the NFO XPO
CLick april 19 on the calendar!!

Matt is like "What the F*Ck!"

Ringo is happy that he sent Edmar out to get food.

there is a lot of wood.

But look at what you can make with it.. we went back today to finish up the painting action by Rachael, Luca and Mariapaz .

We are pretty tired already. But ready for the next ten days that we hope will change the way you see Art in Chicago.

After this weekend we are taking it easy and just going to five different spaces in The Community of the Future on monday.. then the Berlin based Der Weisse Salon exhibition will open on Tuesday and then...